• 14 April. Berlin

    Medical Cyber Physical Systems Workshop 2014

    The Medical CPS workshop provides a forum for the presentation of research and development covering all aspects of high integrity medical devices, software, and systems, which is essential to support innovative, networked medical device systems to improve safety and efficiency in health care. The past four workshops have enjoyed a healthy participation of 35-40 attendees, and have provided a working forum for medical device specialists, including researchers, developers, and caregivers, from clinical environments, industry, research laboratories, academia, and government with the goal of advancing science, technology, and practice to overcome crucial issues with medical devices, software, and systems and challenges facing the design, manufacture, certification, and use of medical devices. This year, the workshop will feature medical device and clinical experts from the EU.

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  • 8 April. Linköping

    Venture Arena

    Letar du efter nya utmaningar? På Venture Arena matchas framtidens tillväxtföretag med kompetenta och driftiga nyckelpersoner. Utforska möjligheter att kliva in ett spännande bolag som styrelsemedlem, VD, delägare eller annan nyckelperson på heltid eller deltid! Dela av dig din erfarenhet, kunskap och andra resurser!

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  • 25-26 Augusti 2014. Stockholm

    Digital Health

    Welcome to the first edition of Digital | Health News, keeping you informed about Digital | Health Days 2014, the number one conference for the far-out but coming closer new world of digital health.

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  • 11-13 September 2014. Stockholm

    EUMASS – Scientific knowledge and Good Practice in Insurance medicine

    The congress will present the latest scientific research and good practice on insurance medicine and social security. For example, Regina Kunz, Switzerland, explains why evidence based insurance medicine is needed and how to use it. Both in Sweden and England, one tries to improve the disability evaluation. Jan Larsson and James Bolton will share with us the different approaches they have applied and how these work out. Patrick Loisel, Canada, will talk about the work disability paradigm and it’s consequences for successful return to work.
    And Jean Paul Prieur will discuss the effects of the special services for people in particularly needy circumstances that the french health care insurer deploys. Medical and economical outcomes show positive results.

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